You're Here, Now What? - Information to Maximize the Ease of Your Beach Stay

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You’re Here… Now What? - Information to Maximize the Ease of Your Stay


Yay, you have arrived! Welcome to our home. Please read through the following information to maximize the ease of your stay!


Check-In Tips: Once you’ve checked in, we suggest doing the following

Get the lay of the land - You’ll be here for a while so make yourself at home. Take peek into all the rooms, locate bathrooms, and check inventory of what we’ve provided you.
Locate the towels and sheets - Find the sheets at the bottom of each bed and in the bathrooms.
Check out the property - Feel free to explore the property! Look around the yard, visit the pool, check out the outdoor shower. 
Check for damage, or anything out of the ordinary - While we hope this isn’t the case, occasionally accidents happen that we are not aware of. If something appears broken or out the ordinary upon your arrival, snap a picture of it and send it to us right away. 
Log into the Wifi and double-check that electronics are working - Log your devices into the wifi, and if you plan to use them, turn on the TVs.
Make a list and visit the store - Feel free to check the pantry, closets, and under the sinks in the home for supplies. Make a list of anything in addition to what is there that you want, then visit the store to pick them up.


What to Purchase When You Arrive

While we do our best to provide a few basic essentials, after a few days of vacationing in our home, you may need to provide a few things of your own.