5 Screen-Free Experiences on Topsail Island

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In a world where screens are prioritized and hardly ever put away, plan an authentic experience for your family while vacationing at our beautiful Topsail Island. Here are 5 screen-free, but completely entertaining, rich experience ideas that put your family in a place to connect, make real memories, and see the true beauty of our island.


1. Serenity Point - Read the reviews

Possibly the best spot in NC for sunset photos, Serenity Point is free for you and your family. When you reach the point you are surrounded by nothing but ocean and sky. A bit of a walk from the public parking lot to the point, but in our opinion, completely worth it! Take full advantage of this spot, pack a picnic, bring a photographer for family photos, plan to collect shells, and go at sunset. Your family is sure to be glad you prioritized this stop.

Photo by Jeff Wenzel | abovetopsail.com


2. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation - Visit their website

In 1996 a group of volunteers with the Topsail Turtle Project found themselves with the opportunity to care for an injured sea turtle - named Lucky. Lucky represented the need for a long term turtle rehab center in NC for sick and injured turtles. Since then, the operation has grown tremendously and its mission is fulfilled by many staff and volunteers. Today, you and your family can tour the facility to view sea turtles and learn more about their operation. Purchase tickets ahead of time and visit the center for a guided tour of the turtle hospital. Did you know you can "adopt" a sea turtle nest and help protect seat turtles? Visit their website to learn more.


Photos by Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center


3. ORV Beach Access - Learn more

If you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, this is a fun opportunity to get onto the beach! Get to the sand, pop your trunk, and enjoy a picnic from the comfort of your vehicle. This spot is located at the top of Topsail Island. Sometimes called the "4x4 Driving Area", this is open to the public with specific qualifications. Please click here to ensure you are following all local rules and regulations.

Photo by https://topsailvaca.com/drive-on-beach/


4. SeaView Fishing Pier & Restaurant - View their webcam

The longest fishing pier on the NC coast, SeaView Pier is located right here in North Topsail Beach, NC. This family owned spot offers fishing, beach essentials, and a family friendly meal at the restaurant. We want to help you plan ahead, add on our Pier Fishing Package to your North Topsail Rentals stay and have passes waiting for you when you arrive to your rental.

Photo by Seaview Pier in North Topsail Beach


5. Missiles and More Museum - Visit their website

Located in the Historical Assembly Building in Topsail Beach, NC, this museum was created by a group of local citizens who were concerned for the future of the Historical Assembly Building. Built in 1946, the building was used by the government to assemble missiles for a secret missile operation being conducted on Topsail Island. After years of research, hard work, and meetings, the building was purchased and turned into the place to house the Missiles and More Museum. Today, the museum is open to the public and features exhibits like Barrier Island, Operation Bumblebee, Pirates, WASPS, and more. Bring your family to Missiles and More to help keep the history alive!

Photo by Missiles and More Museum in the Historical Assembly Building