Industry Secret: When is the Best Time to Visit North Topsail, NC?

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Friends, we know it's tempting to visit the beach during the Summer months, after all, that's when we're trained to naturally remember to visit. But we have an industry secret for you! ⬇️

⭐The BEST time to visit North Topsail, NC is actually in the Spring! Between April - May the beach is a vacation spot like no other.⭐


Here are 3️⃣ reasons why we believe this to be true:

1️⃣ Ideal Weather

The average temperature at North Topsail Beach between April and May is in the mid-60s to low 70s. Sure the water is still cool, but the sun is warm without scorching your skin! There's a breeze. Really, it's similar to NC Summer weather, without all the things we don't like about it.

2️⃣ Crowds are More Manageable

The "crowds" - if you could even call it that - are basically non-existent this time of year. Children are still in school and not prepared to take time off because Summer break is just around the corner. Pro Tip: Just keep in mind Spring break, as it's best to avoid this week. 

In our experience, all of our favorite spots are open and ready for business in April, but without the wait or out-of-stock dilemmas. All our favorite goodies are freshly available at retail locations and restaurants.

3️⃣ The Seashells are Everything You're Hoping For

NTB is known for its abundance of beautiful shells and shark teeth. When you experience the area during April or May, you're sure to see why. You'll get a fresh batch of shells to scavenge from, not the picked-through remains after a long Summer. Take home the best of the best souvenirs!