Photo Taking Tips for Beach Vacations

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Shoot at Different Times of the Day

"Golden hours" (the best time to shoot) are actually slightly longer at the beach. During these times you'll find the lighting to be soft and warm. Perfect for the beach glow!

Bright Sunshine is Not Your Friend

Being at the ocean, a big part of your photo will be water. Keep in mind that light easily bounces off of water. So when the light is harsher, this will be reflected in your photos, often resulting in an unflattering lighting for your subject and awkward shadows.

Get Creative with the Locations

Just because you're at the beach doesn't mean that you are limited to *only* the beach. Take a step back. Turn your body. Look for unique angles. And don't forget that there is beauty in close up shots of individual elements too.

Use Different Positioning

If you are able, bend down low or stand on your tippy toes. It's not a rule to stand flat footed to take a pictures. Use your creativity to capture ordinary things from unusual perspectives.

But Keep a Straight Horizon

In the same breath, sometimes creativity does not have it's place. When shooting the ocean, capturing the horizon, be sure to keep your camera straight. Even the smallest tilt results in an angled horizon which is unrealistic.

Bad Weather is a Plus

You've never heard that before! Actually, when the weather is bad at the beach, it becomes something beautiful and very interested to capture. *Please be careful and follow all local warnings!!

Try, Try, Try Again!

Don't be afraid or nervous. There's no harm in taking a bad photo. If you're not pleased with it, simply adjust and try again! You can do this!

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