Off-Season Vacation in North Topsail, NC

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There's no doubt that everyone loves a beach trip during the Summer! With the sun beating down, the warm sand, the chance to swim in the pool or the ocean, the beach is known to be popular during the hot months here in North Carolina.

But what if we challenged the thought that the best time to go to the beach is during the Spring or Summer? While there are pros for visiting Topsail Island during any season, we think there are plenty that favor an off-season vacation.


Pleasant Porch Time

Our properties are known for their spacious porches - especially Runaway Bay (which has 3 seperate porches)! Booking a beach vacation during the Fall or Winter lets you cozy up with a blanket and cup of hot coffee any time of day. Enjoy the sounds of the ocean and the intercoastal waterway views without the humidity! 


Cool Walks on the Beach

Have you ever taken a walk on the beach during the Spring months later in the day or first thing in the morning? You've likely needed a sweatshirt or light jacket. There's something undeniably comforting about walking on the beach in extra clothing. Almost reblious, yet super cozy! When the weather is cooler, a stroll on the beach is casual, slower paced, calming, and quite. Most likely you do not have to put on sunblock or worry about coming back to your beach rental sweaty. Walk hand in hand with your family any time of day and soak up the cool breeze coming off the ocean. 


Hot Tub Relaxation

Runaway Bay, Island Asylum, and Sound Move all have at least one hot tub. In the Fall and Winter, we find guests are more likely to use this included ammenitiy. Sitting in a hot tub on a cool night listening to the sounds of the ocean waves makes for a very relaxing evening in.


Prime Time Treasure Hunting

After a busy Spring-Summer season, the beaches are full of hidden "treasures" from its previous visitors. Bring a metal detector and get to searching! You never know what was left behind that you might find.


More Authentic Experiences - you'll be thought of as a local

During the off-season, the "touristy" attractions are packed up, leaving the more locally owned and authentic spots to be discovered. If you need a few of our favorites, follow us on Facebook for recommendations.


Warm Outdoor Showers

Island Asylum, Sound Move, and Tipsy Topsail all have outdoor showers by their private saltwater pools. Similar to the hot tub, a hot shower will warm your body from the outside in. The cool temperatures of the surrounding air make us appreaciate and savor the warmth even more. Enjoy a steamy shower outside for ultimate relaxation before heading upstairs to settle in for the night!


More Romantic

With less people at the beach, take the off-season as an opportunity for a romantic getaway. You're more likely to get a great dinner reservation and book events/tours with just the two of you. For extra romance with no hassle, add our Anniversary/Honeymoon Package to your stayArrive to a romantically decorated home and a bottle of Champaign. We've got date night planned for you too! Enjoy the luxury of a fresh seafood dinner cooked by your own private chef. He will take great care of your taste buds as you and your spouse enjoy a romantic night in. Even if you are not celebrating a milestone, this package is sure to make your loved one feel special!


Deals & Savings

Starting with our beach home rental prices, you're sure to experience a price reductions on all sorts of activites here in North Topsail.


Easier to Bring Pets

At North Topsail Rentals, well-behaved dogs are allowed to accompany you during your stay with us (just let us know they're coming ahead of time). While our rentals are pet friendly all the time, we find the beach is more enjoyable for you and your pet during the off-season. It is typically less crowded, giving your pup plenty of room to run, elimintaing the stress of him running into other dogs/people.